These are some of the expertise that our team has!

Ruby on Rails

We are one of the best Ruby on Rails teams in the world. With a combined experience of more than 50 years, our expertise is second to none. As solid Technology Architects, we have designed and developed some of the most complex web products.

iOS + Android

Our team has experience in developing top-notch native iOS products. We specialize in developing data-driven iOS and Android native applications. We also have experience in developing scalable Hybrid apps using PhoneGap.


We specialize in developing clean user interfaces using HTML5 and CSS3. We actively utilize new and advanced User Interface techniques to develop immersive experience for the users.

JQuery + AJAX

We use JQuery extensively to provide simple-to-use user-experience. In the past we have utilized JQuery + AJAX to create data-intensive dynamic pages.


Our team has good experience in developing database driven products using PHP technology. We excel in Core PHP, Wordpress, Joomla, and Magento based online platforms.


We excel at developing complex Enterprise applications using Java technology. In the past we have developed high-traffic web applications that used 3rd party APIs for image processing and data analysis.

SAAS/Cloud Apps

We have design expertise to develop scalable SAAS/Cloud applications. We are experts in moving current business processes into Cloud by integrating with 3rd party Enterprise applications.

Amazon Web Services

We have expertise in managing EC2 and S3 based production servers. We specialize in creating hosting environments where the servers can handle usage spikes. We use AWS services for our development as well as staging servers.